The Belladonna

The Belladonna by Anette Dinh Book Cover

The Belladonna is a scandalous flower, filled with vanity and lust. No matter what happens, it keeps unborn blossoms nearby, never once allowing them to bloom out of fear they would look somewhere else.

Drevis had fallen in love. His obsession burns through layers of sin, if only to claim her passion once more. He would do anything to protect her from the cruelties of reality and keep her by his side, even if it means destroying everything around her.

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Three lovers lay out their desperations to the ones who had forgotten them, to the ones who were supposed to live Happily-Ever-After with them. Delve into the tragic cruelties of love, as three different letters tell three stories of forsaken promises, dark wishes, and eventual madness.

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Masquerade Book Cover

Long ago, there a witch who brought the aristocracy to its knees. Blood sacrifices, massacres, and slavery flourished under her reign. However, a fearless hero rallied the nobles and defeated the witch, bringing with him an era of peace. Even to this day, he is loved by all.

Rose is a young woman attending a party to celebrate the anniversary of when the aristocracy was liberated from the witch’s control. Nikolai is the hero that everyone adores. But even so, a dark obsession lingers between the two of them, all in the form of a bloody kiss that’d happened so many years ago.

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