Hi guys!

For a couple of months now, I’ve been doing research for my thesis statement involving family factors and HIV infection rates. When I was doing this, I also included a domestic violence part in my research paper. While other parts included prejudice, discrimination, society, ect. I was interested in the domestic abuse portion of the paper, and decided to look into it further.

I was horrified from what I found. Coercion, fear, paranoia, and heartbreakingly, gender inequality all play a part in domestic abuse.

From what I saw, men in our society are stereotyped to be tough, to hide their emotions and “toughen up.” It’s not much better for women, since the stereotypes involve sweet, quiet, and submissive. (To you wonderful human beings, we’re all different, and it’s fine if some of us are like this!!)

But these stereotypes always have a hand in destroying basic human decency. In my paper, I’ve found that a lot of times both men and women won’t leave their abusive partners is out of fear for retaliation, financial drainage, social humiliation, ect. This, of course, adds to the risk of HIV infection, since the women will not be as likely to negotiate for safe sex as others.

In this day and age, people apply the gender stereotypes and come to the defense of the woman, which most of the time, is needed. However, if a man is being domestically abused by his partner, there’s a good chance he might not have the same results.

In fact, according to Denise Hines, a researcher from Clark University, had stated that from a study she conducted, that “from the abused men who called domestic violence hotlines, 64% were told that they ‘only helped women’. In 32% of the cases, the abused men were referred to batterers’ programs.”

Domestic abuse isn’t a light topic people enjoy talking about. More than likely a woman will be abused rather than a men, but it’s still important to remember that it still happens. Not only does domestic abuse elevate HIV infection rates, but it can also have severe psychological, emotional, and physical repercussions, something neither gender can escape.



First Journal Entry of the new year!

I’ve been following the protests against Trump’s inauguration. I have to say, it’s incredible, the number of people that are going against his presidency already, though he hasn’t really done much. But still, with the image he’s constructed for himself, as well as reinstating the abortion ban overseas, he is going to get attacked. Not to mention the fact that anti-abortion laws haven’t really done much to protect mothers or their unborn children; statistics show that even if those laws are passed, mothers are going to find a way to get an abortion, though it’d be unsafe, and both the life of the mother and the child are at stake.

I’m getting incredibly political now.



My nephew was born just a couple of months ago. Of course he was cute, and though he can be a bit annoying at times, I still love him. The only problem is that, for some odd reason, my parents keep trying to push me to get married, have kids, do all that so they can have more grandchildren, or at the very least, when I’m old I’ll be taken cared of. The problem is, I can’t see myself as having a family.

And besides which, having children is both expensive and incredibly painful, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Well, to me anyways.



I’m just waiting for Election Day to pass, while listening to Breaking Benjamin’s “Without You.” I just hope that whatever happens, people will be unified once again. With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s dangerous not to have at least someone or somewhere to return to.



Science is a passion for me. I love learning about the exquisite structures that manage to compose the creatures called “humans”, of the philosophy called “life.” I can’t really see anything ugly about it; whether, in the end, people are good or evil, in the end they’re all still incredibly beautiful. Everything’s precious, or at the very least, I think so. It’s why it’s so heartbreaking, the prejudice that’s taken hold of our society now.

On a completely different note, I’m writing this while I’m watching Fairy Tail. It’s a really good anime.



I’ve always heard about the daily worries that go on in life, like a parent having to drop their only child off on the first day of school, or a test that you know you failed. Sometimes, I think it’s because people expect too much from themselves. They have a perfect image of themselves in their head, and all of a sudden, they start wanting to act like that person, even though it’s not practical.

I figured that’s why most teenagers are so hard to handle.



It’s strange, to see the Republican Convention blow up like that. On one hand, I understand why everyone is so enraged that Ted Cruz decided not to endorse Donald Trump; party unity is everything, especially with a tough opponent like Hilary Clinton.

On the other hand, he did demonstrate his ability to stay calm under peer pressure. He refused to give into it, and decided to stick with what he thought was best. Differing opinions are the hallmark of democracy, and I find it funny how everyone believed so, even when they completely disrespected that dissenting decision. It really was rude, for the convention to boo at him like that.

But then again, that’s just me.



My name is Robin Goodfellow. I am a poet, as well as a novelist. I enjoy writing, simply because it distracts me from all the troubled burdens life carries. This is my first time using a site like this, but it is a pleasure to meet all of you!