Ocean Tides

Try to forget the sorrows
that came to you

while lost beyond the abysmal
shorelines, carelessly swaying
to the sounds of the tides – oceans
of memories colliding along the
midsts graceless and free. And all
the while, I endeavor to endure
the promises that came to me

and time

Walking beyond a heavenly
mirror, reflecting upon mischievous
imps and fairies, the knights all
victoriously chasing them away
with paper swords, water guns
twirling in their hands. They
scream out to me, though I see
the painful days of innocence that
flooded my senses.

Wonders don’t stop, but only dance
in most intricate ways, the scandals of
courts, the blistering shame when heroes
are caught in the throes of temptation.
But there was never any temptation;
sinners need not confess, the tales of
traitors pawing for the hearts of the
old and the weary, of every lover they
meet. Let the stories still unfold, and
I’m lost to shallow surfaces

and time

Marred by differences between
sufferings of children, born and
unborn. Tears fall from haughty eyes,
crying out for some unknown thing,
while proudly doing the other.

upon judgments
stacked against the pawn,
and suddenly, there were no more
kingdoms, no knights, no heroes, only
the sounds of waves crashing into the
cliffs. Were they corrupted, were they
screaming? Did lullabies cascade down
from golden thrones, embraced by a
drought-stricken earth? No, they
remain untouched

and time

What was that? A sailor crying
for me, or for you? Happy giggles
race across your lips, as you run
to meet with whomever you’d like
to see. I’ve no business. I only
stand here and watch, while you
act like the happy fool I know you
are, a part you play well. Don’t even
see a mask anymore, as that ship
docks, the grey, heavy anchors now
burdening the sails. Where are
you going? Should I just stay here
then? Yes, seems like you aren’t
coming back, and after all we’ve
done together.

And now you’ve come back, with
that sagacious grin on your tainted
face. You tell me you’re leaving. You
might not be back for a while. Can
I ask why? No I can’t. I really do hate
that about you, really, I do. You’ve
finally come back to me, but now
you’re leaving again. What is it? What
did I do wrong? Nothing. What is
it? Nothing. Why can’t you answer
me? But I just did.

And so, we waltz to this endless
chorus. Reality crashing down upon
a magnificent obsidian of lies and truth
and truth and more truth. My mind is
slipping away, far away from the relief
of the shoreline. I reach out for my
memories, for her, and I scream. I scream
for her, and I scream for me, just before
the tide pulls me under. Just as I had
all these years before that, and even
before that. Just as if Death had finally
claimed me so, like she had

and time




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