Salem’s Necromancy

Seas by eve of midnight,
upon the depths of the harvest;
I see scarlet draped over starlight,
constellations shimmering across
oceans of darkness.

Where are you?

Screams and mourns, sculpted by
painless waves from which shadows
enveloped fragile silhouettes.
Heaven and hell twist upon
streams of shattered beauty.

Where are you?

Seeing loved ones loving for
past centuries, as though they were
a new innovation to corruption.
It scorches the remainders
of that madness, burning the remnants

of a kiss that was lost amongst the
fray, their prayers long distorted.

Where are you?

Buildings have long eroded away,
leaving former glory from the mercy
of the callous earth. Hairless apes
stripped of their pride, as they lay upon
the absence of blood, ready to be

beaten and abused and scarred once,
twice, three times. Cowering
in fear within the essence of minutes,
while lusting after what could have
been, what once was. Dim lanterns,

shine for the hope of yesterday,
graciously whispering to winter leaves
the rules of the dead. Unmasked
graves along an agony of sin,
while praising the chorus of lies and


Where are you?

Mothers cast away the vanity of
sights. Sighs and moans and
unanswered longings, waiting for
them again and again and again,
for someone to come, for something

to understand, as if there was still a
wish within the world, childish dreams
carelessly evaporating.

Where are you?
Somewhere in the world.
Where are you?
Drifting along rivers of scandals.
Where are you?
Cradling nature in the depths of pity.
Where are you?
Mocking the shame of morality.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Can I still see you?
Can I still see you?
Where are my wishes?
Over there, in a life boat far, far away.

Yes, you should go save them.
I can hear them drowning.


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