I breathe in your lust, as you
stumble from me, a bloody white
dress adorning your snowy frame.

Searching desperately, you call
for me, the pretty voices caressing
your mind. Forgive me, forgive me

you say many times again, as if you’ve
already forgotten yourself. Falling
to the edge of mercy, your nightmares

racing after you

loving you.

hating you.

You stare into my dark eyes,
begging for release, as our vows
slip from your tongue. You reach

out for my heart, entwining your
blood-soaked soul in mine, as those
shadows embrace our scarlet guilt

around us.

Consumed, devoured, left for dead
and rotting, a wedding gown for the
fallen, receptions for the wandering.

But that’s fine.

Tasting my poison on you, ambrosia
from my temptations, lust gathering
near us. Say, love, pray for my sins in

our ceremony, in that chapel made of
bones and ash.

Evil, I hear you say.

And I agree.

You are evil.


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