Fairy Circle

Gasps and whispers escape from
budding lillies, roses and snowdrops
peeking shyly from the audience, for

the sake of their hearts and praises.
Unborn berries adorn the barely clothed
twigs for their performance, their lullabies

coming undone from their enchanting
dance. From the hopeless words woven
into the minds of weary children.

Humble pan flutes upon nimble fingers,
softening gazes against gossamer wings
while singing to the edge of the solstice.

Burning brightly beneath velvet twilight,
the orchestra entwined their repertoires.
Golden leaves fall from above, as the

festival of fools

taking hold of the wisdom the
world still held at its feet.

Follow me

The fairies say

Follow me

in meadows, where the sleeping queen once lay

Follow me

Spells of love and hope from the day

when you were still mine

when you were still mine.


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