Tiny Prayer

Peeking out from beneath a blanket
of verdant, with tired tears
cascading softly to the

Lush little blushes fall from
its petals, as it lay tucked
gently within the

Clouds teases morning drops, with
light captivating its lovely
eyes. But all the while
darkness lingers,
clutching its
colors so

Shame and belonging,
humiliation not far behind,
blessings and curses,
a question of what once was ,
what will be.

Past and present within future
eyes of a lonely flower one day.

Cooing and crying,
laughing and giggling,
not knowing of an
empty nest filled with rotting eggs,
nightmares still resting in a cradle.

But for now, just rest, let us watch over you,
as you watch the world wither too.


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